What Qualities Do Women Want In Their Man?

Unlike common belief, women don’t really want much from their men. After hours and hours of deducing what is it that a woman wants from a man, we have compiled this list of 7 things (more like qualities) that a woman looks for in any potential partner. Moreover, if you’re a man who has these qualities, you will not only have an easier time wooing girls, but the quality of your relationships will be over the top too.

You might like to think that no one is perfect and therefore you don’t have to be perfect. Consider it like this, you are not perfect all the time, but you need to have standards that you aim to meet. You will realize it is not that tough to be the perfect man after all. Just work on the 7 qualities that we are going to tell you about today.

Honesty – As much She Needs

According to a woman in a relationship, you are not different from her and she expects utmost honesty from you. She likes to feel that she is the most important part of your life and she wants you to keep reminding her that. How you do that? By setting examples after example of honesty.

However, it is important that you balance the Honesty she wants and the Honesty you offer, else damages will be done. She wants to know all about the amazing experiences you’ve had and are having, but she has as much interest in your troubles and challenges in detail as much of your friends. Being optimistic is always a plus-plus, but for safety measures avoid journaling your day to day life and only tell her as much she needs to hear.

If she asks you if she looks beautiful in her new dress or if the new haircut suits her, you don’t have to think. She looks beautiful. Just tell her that. You both will be much happier.

Understanding – See the subtle signs

Understand her is not just about knowing her favorite color or her favorite restaurant. The game goes much beyond that. You gotta graduate from her likes & dislikes to knowing the core of her being. You gotta understand her for the person that she is. And you gotta let her know that you love her for what she truly is.

Now, as much as she enjoys being flattered about the superficial things like her looks, you need to understand that a woman needs to feel secure about her identity in order to completely commit to a relationship. And you can achieve that by reading the signs, how she reacts to various challenges, how she interacts with other people and then only by continuous observation you will truly understand the core of her being. Once you have known her for what she truly is, you will be able to express your love in ways that you didn’t realize you could earlier.

Caring – Let her know she is important

Most women are terrified of being alone, maybe it has something to do with how humans have evolved over the past thousands and thousands of years. Women are emotional beings and when they appreciate emotions, you might be the logic & facts kind of person but when it comes to your woman, she is all emotions. If you can make her feel a certain way, she will come up with facts and logic on her own.

Well, the bottom line of this point is that you gotta be there for her when she needs you, whenever she needs you. And in return, she will be standing right next to you when you will have no one with you. It is only fair if you think of it like that.

Strength – of mind and body both

Of course, any woman would despise a physically weak man. They didn’t evolve to be in the company of weak men, she has an inert desire to feel that her man is the most intelligent and strong man in the world. She doesn’t have to know that, she just has to feel that. Practice self-control and don’t get distracted from your goals. Workout and stay in shape and you got her tipping over just like that.

I can’t emphasize more on the fact that women are attracted to stronger men. They want their man to be strong for themselves, it not only makes her feel safe and happy but turns her on as well.

Compassion – The Capacity to Love

Physical Strength and mental strength are good enough for attracting a woman, but to get her to love you, you need to go the extra mile. When she sees your compassionate side, she will see the kindness in you, when she sees other people admire your qualities, she will feel more and more connected to you and in a way, she will respect you.

A good woman will always be attracted to a compassionate man because she would see being as compassionate as a weakness. You might think that being loud and hateful ways to assert dominance, well, you will find that the women of quality will sooner or later call out such men on their bullshit and move on with their lives. So, be compassionate, not just for her, but for yourself too.

Security – financial and literal.

There are more than 1 videos on YouTube about how women are somehow blindly attracted to luxury cars. Well, it might be true for some women, but that is not the kind of woman you would read this article for. So, I assume you need to know the facts of women being attracted to wealth.

It is true, women are inherently attracted to wealthy men, but it doesn’t mean that they are blindly attracted to millionaires. You just need to fulfill her need to feel secure. If you’re the kind of guy who can manage the basic necessities of life and possesses the traits needed to be financially successful in life, she will find that to be just enough.

Women need to feel that their man can keep them from harm’s way. A woman wants her man to provide her safety, good health and the comforts of life.

Blind Loyalty – Make her the center of your universe

Men or women, both want to feel important and special. It is always good to hear that you’re better than anyone out there in the world. Now, when a woman is with someone, she wants to feel like she is the center of their universe.

She knows she is not the most beautiful woman in the world, and she is not the smartest of them all. But she needs to hear that she is, from you, and only you. She wants to know that she is the most amazing and beautiful woman in the world from her man. So, give her that and see her face light up.

Bottom Line

Now, sum it all up, be honest to your woman, make her feel important and work on your personal growth regardless of her and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have a girlfriend as of now, still use these 7 points (in moderation) on the woman(s) you are currently pursuing to be your partner, you will have a higher success rate than just playing it blind.


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