Beginner’s Guide to Beard Growth

Beards are in fashion and they are here to stay. Since time immemorial human civilization has prayed to the lords with amazing beards. Now, since you have decided to be one of those lords with awesome beards I will be sharing some of the best tips for you to grow a beard that is healthier, softer and shinier and most importantly – stylish at all times.

Plan Ahead

Before you start growing your beard, no matter how small. You got to start by deciding what kind of beard you actually need. You can start by considering your face shape and from there on deciding what kind of beard will complement your face shape. If your face is more of an oval then a narrow growth of the beard to the bottom would definitely make you stand apart from the crowd, but not for a good thing. What you should instead do on an oval face is to try and fill the sides with more growth and trim it low at the chin. Another example can be a square-shaped face, in which case you need to do exactly the opposite and grow more vertically.

Have Some Patience

Beard growth is not a game of the impatient. Growing an awesome beard can actually be very fundamental to your self-development as it has the potential to teach you a lesson in patience. Most of us don’t grow beyond the occasional monthly unshaven beard before we actually decide to grow our beard deliberately. Beard growth can be a little confusing when the beard is short but in no time you would have grown the beard that can be shaped whatever the shape you want. Now, from the start, even when your beard is short, you gotta make sure that you maintain a direction for it. More on that in the next point.

Set the Boundaries

The major difference between a wild beard and a beard that belongs to a gentleman is its shape around the neck and along the cheek lines. You gotta keep these two in check religiously if you’re taking your beard growth seriously. This will decide the shape that your beard will grow in. You can use a beard stencil to manage these lines if you’re feeling fancy but I highly recommend that you depend on your intuition this one.

To manage the neckline, one simple technique is to place two fingers on your Adam’s Apple and draw an imaginary U from the back of one ear to the other and you gotta shave clean everything under this line and you will have your neckline.

Supplement your efforts

It might be debatable whether the beard hair can be strengthened with the help of supplements just like the hair on your head or not. However, it is the commonly known fact this day among the Beard Growers community that certain vitamins can certainly help make your beard hair grow faster, shine more and be softer. One such vitamin would be Biotin that can help you a great deal with your beard growth.

Trim it Well Daily

For years I shaved my beard every single day. And when I started growing my bear, I try to trim it well with a trimming scissor every single day along with my beard comb. To grow your beard in the correct shape and be proud of it, you gotta trim it as it grows and manages the shape to avoid even a single day of ugly beard. Remember how Robin Williams looked after the years of beard growth in Jumanji? If you want to reach that stage before you trim your beard to your desired shape, it is all up to you. However, the method that I just shared with you will help you grow your beard into your desired shape right from the start.

seriously, trim it daily if you don’t want to look like this the day you visit your barber.

Use a conditioning styler

You got beard oils, cream, and balms that can help you achieve an itch-free and soft beard that you can sculpt however you like. And not just the texture and shapes that you can achieve, a good conditioner can also make your beard a burn-free experience for your better half.

Brush it out

This one is especially important for men with long beards; if you brush your beard every day (once or twice) you can maintain the health of your beard. At the same time, brushing your beard before your go to sleep can help you tame your beard in the long run. Brushing will help distribute the natural oil produced by your skin and provide nourishment throughout the growth.

Pick Your Styles as you Please

You’ve already learned which beard shapes flatter your face, but now you get to add some nuance. By picking a beard style, you can become someone new or freshen a tired routine. One of our favorites is to snip the bridge between the mustache and the chin, thus marooning the mustache. Or, weight one heavier than the other, with a fuller mustache and a trimmed beard (or vice versa). You have lots of options, and it’s your privilege as a beard grower to flaunt it.


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