Grooming Tips for Your First Date – Style Hacks to Woo her

If you’re going to meet that girl on a date, then congratulations! With umpteen dating apps to choose from, Netflix, food delivery, porn as far as the eye can see, and competition with other Gabruus, you’ve managed to secure yourself one-on-one time with a girl and make it out of the house long enough to see it through. Good for you! Now all you have to do is not screw it up.

Easier said than done. From the second you say hello, there’s nothing but obstacles standing in the way of you landing a follow-up date. Most of them are outside your control (how could you know “shrimp” was a trigger word?). That’s why it’s important that you control the things you can. Case in point: your pre-date grooming routine. By getting a proper one in place, you’re removing one date-ending obstacle, maybe more. Here are nine tasks guaranteed to put your best self forward:

It is easier to screw it up than you think, she can think of a hundred names that will take her out for a date at that very moment. How many can you think of? With tons of convincing maybe 2. But you have got this one chance and you want to do the best you can to impress her, make her believe that you are the one she has been looking for all her life. Let’s discuss point to point the things you need to take care of in order to make your date a successful one.

Shower (use shampoo).

Your prehistoric ancestors had to walk tens of kilometers to a waterfall and shower with the whole village. You just have to get in a private room and twist a knob, stop being lazy and shower often if you don’t.

When it comes to preparing for an amazing date, a movie or a picnic doesn’t matter. You got to shower. Now, you don’t have to mess the very first thing up. I highly recommend that you use shampoo in your hair as it makes you look sophisticated, however, don’t shampoo the day of the date, instead, do it a couple of days before. This way your scalp will have the time to revive the natural luster of your hair by enabling the natural hair oils.

Get your skin in gear.

Your skin is the first thing she is going to notice and get impressed by. Even your clothes come second. You got to look better than you have looked ever before. Get rid of the acne, eliminate the blackheads and definitely use moisturizer. But your skin has got to look flawless.

Sit down for a trim.

Obviously you don’t want to seem like and over-prepared noob on your very first date by getting a haircut just the day before your special day. Instead, I highly recommend that you do visit the barber and ask for a touch-up to your hairstyle, especially around the edges. Get a fresh look even if you got. the haircut weeks prior.

Clean up your beard, no matter how big or small.

At we appreciate your beard, and we would never ask you to shave it off. Even if that is for the most special of occasions. However, there is a difference between looking like a South India film villain and a handsome dashing Gabruu. You might have to visit the saloon to get your beard tune-up. It is highly recommended that you flaunt a sexy beard and not come off as someone who can’t maintain their facial hair growth.

Pay attention to down there.

It might not be certain that you’re going to get lucky tonight, however, a gentleman is always prepared. So, get that trimmer and trim off the mini-Jumanji that you got down there. Do that a few days before the date though, as you don’t want to fashion a prickly porcupine in your pants on your big day.

Prune the other odds and ends.

Your big day is coming, the first impression is the last impression, and you got to make sure that your ears, nose, eyebrows, and back all compliment your personality and not bring it down. A visit to the saloon s might help if you’re not sure. Take their advice on if you need to get a haircut, especially when it for the hair not your head.

Get your sweat in check.

antiperspirants can work magic for you and make you come off as a more confident and desirable person. In. order for the antiperspirant to work, you got to apply it just before going to bed so that it can do its thing in the morning.

To Summarize…

Be confident and let your body and style impress her as much as your presence and words do.


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