10 Powerful Self-Motivation Techniques that Will Change Your Life Forever

Have you ever found yourself in the tricky situation when you’re supposed to be doing one thing and you end wasting all your time on something entirely irrelevant?

For example, instead of preparing your presentation due tomorrow, you wasted all your productive time and energy on watching some documentary about people claiming to have been abducted by aliens and tested on for years before being released back to earth. Well, we’ve all been there, and sometimes, this can happen to the best of us.

Procrastination is often attributed to stress, the stress of getting out of one situation and doing something entirely different. The trick is to just get started once the dice starts rolling on its own most of the time from thereon.

But, what is the secret sauce of getting started that first time and taking the most important first step? Well, it all boils down to how motivated you are in general.

Self-motivation is an art, the more you practice it, the better you get at it. Today, we’re going to be sharing with you 10 simple yet highly effective self-motivation techniques that you can easily follow in your daily life and beat procrastination and start getting things done on time, every time.

Start Writing Down Your Goals

Whether you accept it or not, writing something down on a piece of paper (or on any surface for that matter) is highly effective in learning something and actually imprinting it in your brain. Writing takes a whole lot of brain effort, from moving your fingers in the right motion to print words on paper using a pen has your brain processing information more thoroughly than if you were to simply read through it on a screen.

Goal-setting in itself is a wide topic, however, for now, all you need to understand is that GOALS are supposed to be your GPS in life, a big contributor to lack of motivation is often the lack of a clear path of action. However, proper goal setting will not only help you have a clear path to achieve your goals, but it will also help you stay motivated by giving you a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Visualize Your Goals All the Time

Visualization is often disregarded and looked down on as simply being “Wishful Thinking”. However, the case here is that we humans are highly visual-animals we pursue what we can perceive. So, visualizing your goals, imagining yourself having achieved what you aim forgives a lot of signals to your brain about how important something is to you. When you get into the habit of visualizing, you will start coming up with creative and unique ideas and action plans that you could not have deduced earlier. All this is the magic of the brain, it will be working overtime (even when you sleep) to help you with your goals because that is how the brain works.

Compare Yourself with Yourself

We often compare ourselves to our competitors, our rivals or at the very least we end up comparing ourselves to our more successful peers. However, that is highly degrading to our self-image. I don’t mean to say that you stop looking up to people and stop admiring other’s successes, what I am saying is that you do not need to feel bad about yourself when you see someone doing better than you.

In fact, the most successful people in the world are often the least jealous and are always filled with gratitude. A great way to achieve gratitude and build a strong self-image is by comparing yourself to yourself and improving little by little every single day.

Celebrate Your Successes and Your Failures

When was the last time you celebrated, and I don’t mean giving yourself a small treat for something, but actually celebrated, invited your friends over for dinner or took them out to the movies and lunch?

I am asking you to celebrate even your failures because in doing so, you will be sending a signal to your subconscious mind that you are bigger than your failures and no matter what happens, failures can’t weigh you down.

Try using this technique and you will start feeling more confident in your work life and life outside of work as well, leading to better chances of success and more success dances.

Find Your Heroes and Act Like Them

I am not advising you to put on a bat suit and go out fighting crime in your city. That is not how this world works, when I say heroes, I mean the real heroes. The people who are making a difference in the lives of people in the real world. People like NGO works that feed the poor and homeless, or people who provide free education to underprivileged kids. When you indulge in such activities, you become a more humble and a man filled with gratitude.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to make a bigger impact and in the process build the next billion-dollar enterprise, well then pick up the books and read about the Titans of your industry, find out about their daily lives, their past struggles and adapt into their way of thinking. More often then not, this will be a humbling experience in-itself when you realize how much you need to learn and experience to reach even 1% of your heroes.

Remember to Have Fun

Most of the time we let ourselves get stuck in the loop of work homework. When was the last time you disconnected from your routine life and gave yourself a fresh new experience? Met a new human being with entirely different looks and languages that live an entirely different language?

When was the last time you traveled to someplace you’ve never been before?

Traveling is often considered a simple leisurely activity and looked down on as something you do on the holidays. That is simply not the case, adjust your timetable, borrow a bike take this weekend to yourself and travel 100km in any direction. Meet someone new, go somewhere you haven’t been before. Attend a painting workshop, sit for weekend scriptwriting classes, attend and participate in an Open mic… Not only doing this will keep your brain younger, but it will also make you a more confident and charming person. Again, motivating you to keep moving ahead not let the spirits down.

Wake Up Early and have Cold Showers

This is a suggestion that is quite straight forward and works no matter which field you’re from.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a professor, a mechanic or a writer, waking up early is the key to all dreams. Most of the successful people in life you will find are waking up early and having an early mover advantage on everyone else (including you) every single day.

The next thing is cold showers, cold showers are important every once in a while because they keep you younger from the inside and build the muscle in your brain that pushes you to be out of your comfort zone. Again, making you a more confident and outgoing person who feels in control of his life. Such people never have a lack of motivation for anything they set their eyes on.

Learn to Research and Make Executable Plans

The ability to research well and write down execution plans is key to achieving any goal. Often what happens with us is that we do not even get started because in our mind we are not able to come up with the first step that needs to be taken. In such situations, having the self-confidence that you can learn anything and everything because you can research well helps you come up with the first step and start working on the job at hand.

Moderate What You Consume

This one is very important, I have wasted hundreds if not thousands of my own productive hours on learning things that I am never going to use in my life like how to make a rain-proof hut in the middle of the jungle, and if not that then god knows how much time was spent binge-watching on Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

But, since I started practicing self-control and moderating what I consume, I have started to experience higher levels of mental clarity and my overall ability to focus on things has increased drastically.

Have Faith

Even if you try all the techniques in the world to stay motivated, you will face certain moments in life when nothing will seem working for you. And it is in moments like this that the ultimate source of Motivation should kick in, that is your faith. Your faith in yourself, your faith in destiny, your faith that things will turn around. When nothing works, faith is often the only thing that keeps people from giving up. Build a strong faith.


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